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Welcome to BizReps 420! We are a team of Engineers & Cannabis Sales Professionals specializing in delivering U.S. Made, cutting-edge LED Grow Lights, Power Outage Mitigation, and Cannabis Homogenizers for the cannabis growing industry. We are on a mission to transform the cannabis industry with solutions that enhance productivity and sustainability while being cost-effective.

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WHO IS Grow-Solar?

Grow Solar Lighting by BizReps420 is a disruptive cannabis grow lighting system combining proven technology from Non-Traditional Commercial Solar and established indoor Cannabis LED Grow Lighting Products.

CT141 600W Grow Light

The Best LED Cannabis Grow Lights

Discover the next generation of solar-powered LED lights, engineered for indoor growing operations. Discover how our lights improve your plants through each growth stage, improving yields, and reducing costs, all while going green!
MAZ Mixer

Cannabis Homogenizer MAZ Mixer

From processing the flower to preparing the final commercial product, the Medisca MAZ mixer streamlines processes from hours to minutes, preserving the integrity of the cannabis extract and its active compounds.

Off-Grid Power Solutions

We provide comprehensive solar power systems and solutions to mitigate power outages, deliver power where no infrastructure exists, or simply to help cannabis cultivators save money by being off the grid. It’s our way of promoting operational efficiency and strategic planning in cannabis cultivation.

Why Use LED Grow Lights for Growing Cannabis?

Many new growers believe using ordinary grow lighting may save them money but soon realize that their plants grow slower and often don’t yield quality results. This is because cannabis plants have complex lighting requirements at each stage of growth. They may need a specific spectrum of light or color of light in order to maximize their size and yield.

Obviously, Sunlight is the best source for plant growth, it provides light in a broad spectrum of different wavelengths that help with Photosynthesis a process used by plants and other organisms to convert light.

energy into chemical energy thus driving the growing process. It also helps create Chlorophyll, which is essential in photosynthesis, allowing plants to absorb energy from light. They absorb light most strongly in the blue portion of the spectrum, followed by red.

CT141 600W Grow Light

Broad Spectrum LED Grow Lights Are Designed to Mimic Sunlight

Good indoor grow lights are used to grow plants in enclosed spaces with a spectrum mimicking that of the sun. However, with today’s newest LED technology, we are no longer limited to reproducing sunlight. BizReps 420 Solar LED Grow lighting can go a step further and provide a tailored spectrum better suited to the needs of the plant. We can accomplish this with our tunable spectrum horticultural lighting fixtures empowering you to have better control of your growing environment replacing outdated, costly, HPS technology with solar powered LED’s.

Today’s Cannabis Growers know that cannabis has different light needs that vary by plant species or life stage. Not only does this grow light guarantee more yields, but it also does so at minimum energy consumption levels.

Cannabis Grow Lights

Benefits of Solar LED Grow Lights

In summary, BizReps 420’s new generation of LED grow lights offer many benefits over ordinary grow lights. They provide a broader spectrum of red light that can be controlled to maximize the growing stage of the plant, resulting in great growth and yield, and requires less maintenance and use less power than other types of grow lights. Our lights guide you through every step of the way, ensuring your cannabis cultivation is successful and your yields are consistent.

How Light Impacts Cannabis Growth.

3000K gGRO Lamp Spectrum
All plants require light for photosynthesis, a process all plants use to convert light, oxygen, and water into carbohydrates for energy. Plants require this energy throughout their life to grow, bloom and produce seeds. Plants typically absorb a specific portion of the light spectrum called Photosynthetic Active Radiation, or PAR for short.

The number is generally represented as PAR Watts, which represents the amount of energy in the PAR portion of the light spectrum, getting to the meter each second. Simply stated, PAR defines the type of light on spectrum of light that promotes photosynthesis. Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density (PPFD) measures the light that arrives at the crop canopy in the Par zone. As a grower, you want as much photosynthetic photon flux density (PPFD) to your plants as possible, so choosing the right type of light is important.

Cycles of Cannabis Growth

Cycles of Cannabis Growth
The cannabis plant is an annual meaning it will grow for one season and die. it takes anywhere from 10-32 weeks to grow from seed to harvest. There are four primary stages of growth:

  1. Germination 3-10 Days
  2. Seedling 2-3 Weeks
  3. Vegetative 3-16 Week
  4. Flowering 8-11 Weeks

As mentioned above, light is critical to the development of the plant because it supports photosynthesis which creates the energy to grow and flower. Once the plant enters the seedling stage, the plant requires light 18 hours a day to establish the roots and leaves. The plant then enters the vegetative stage for around 3-16 weeks and is where the most significant growth happens and requires 18 hours a day for light. The final stage, Flowering, starts around week 8 and when the plant starts to develop resinous buds, light is still critical but is reduced to 12 hours per day.

Understanding the Different Lights for Cannabis

Choosing the right grow lights can be overwhelming, with the market and online resources adding to the confusion. Cannabis needs full spectrum light to assist with photosynthesis effectively through different stages of development, impacting the size, yield, and THC concentrations of the buds. You must also factor the size of your growing areas whether it be a grow tent or a complete vertical farming operation. BizReps 420 is here to help you select the right system for your growing operation.
Fluorescent CFL Grow Lights

Fluorescent CFL Grow Lights
These are suited for growing individual small plants and are convenient as they have standard sockets. However, they are not as economical for larger growing operations, especially during the vegetation stage.

High Pressure Sodium Vapor HPS Grow Lights

High-Intensity Discharge HID Grow Lights:
High-Pressure Sodium Vapor (HPS) grow lights are designed for larger applications and offer more light intensity. They have a redder spectrum, suitable for the flowering stage but not as efficient for other growing stages. They also have higher initial and operating costs compared to more modern solutions.

LED Grow Lights

Broad Spectrum LED Grow Lights
The latest generation of LED fixtures and grow lights is becoming the standard for cannabis growing for their ability to emit a controllable broad spectrum of light and their energy efficiency. They are environmentally friendly and being efficient LED can be directly connected to solar power for more savings and to mitigate power outages.

Ceramic Metal Halide CMH Grow Lights

Ceramic Metal Halide CMH Lights
Once the choice for many due to their broad spectrum light and intensity, CMH lights are being replaced by LED broad spectrum lights due to environmental regulations and the higher cost of operations.

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The BizReps 420 team is ready to help you improve your cannabis growing operations! Unlike online sales sites, BizReps 420 is a manufacturing representative for the leading manufacturers of LED Grow Lights, Off the Grid Power Solutions, Cannabis Homogenizers and Mixers and more. Our team will help assist you in selecting the right models for your growing area and answer all your questions. Best of all we can help you find tax incentives and rebates to help offset your costs.

It all starts with a phone call or using our contact form, we will be happy to discuss your growing needs and requirements and help you in selecting the right configuration to increase productivity and yield as well as reducing your overall costs.

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