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Experience 15-30% Additional Growth from gGRO™ Grow Lighting

Our BizReps team works with the best growing lighting manufacturer in the world: gGRO™ Horticulture Lighting. With a full lighting spectrum that closely mimics natural sunlight, gGRO™ grow lighting is technologically superior to competitors. Our portfolio of next-generation technologies includes gLED™, gHID®, and gGRO™.

The gGRO™ 630W CHM fixtures are reliable, high-frequency grow lamps that deliver more energy to plants than low-frequency systems with the same input power. They’re intentionally built for those who want both light and efficiency in their plant’s growth cycle. The GRO™ 630W is engineered as a dual spectrum fixture for optimal growth through vegetation and flowering stages. This allows growers to guide their plants through every stage of the entire growth cycle for truly healthy, high-quality yields.

It all starts with a phone call or using our contact form, We will be happy to discuss your growing needs and requirements and help you in selecting the right configuration to increase productivity and yield as well as reducing your overall costs.