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Our Mission

Grow Solar™ is a Woman Owned renewable energy products organization that specializes in sustainability, clean energy products, solar energy, and customized solutions for solar powered grow lights, power generation and energy storage equipment all manufactured in the United States.
For every engagement, our mission is to bring a unique combination of functional expertise to maximize green energy efficiencies and minimize or eliminate risks that cost time and money. Leveraging years of industry experience and long-term relationships, BizReps and Grow Solar™ aspires to continue offering comprehensive renewable energy products that assist growers in lowering expenses, increasing ROI, and facilitating the switch to digital energy products for their indoor farms.

We interface closely with on-site representatives and our teaming partners to prevent surprises and prioritize requirements. Since 2017, BizReps has worked with our partners in the solar industry providing confidence in conservation.

How We Serve the Cannabis Industry

BizReps assists indoor cannabis growers by reducing lighting costs with its best-in-class lighting solutions utilizing solar energy. Our Grow Solar™ patented technology creates optimum spectrums for various crop varieties. Grow Solar™ empowers the development of purpose-built fixtures with applicability across numerous markets. Besides its Grow Solar™ driven renewable energy solutions, BizReps works with cannabis growers to better determine their application needs and offers consulting services, sales, delivery, and installation services to facilitate a flawless turnkey solution. We work with you to select lighting systems that integrate with solar installations.

Discover the Gow Solar LED Light Advantages

Fusion Lighting

Grow Solar Lights are the result of our work with advanced LED Lighting engineers and manufacturers to create a leading edge solar powered light specifically designed for the emerging indoor horticulture space. The technology used has received a patent for how to create ideal spectrums for multiple crop types. Our systems are purpose-built fixtures that serve cultivators in numerous markets. These advanced broad spectrum grow lights help indoor growers reduce their power consumption and increase their growth yields and profitability.

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