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Our Mission at BizReps 420 is to provide sales outsourcing services to legal cannabis growers and processors by offering the highest quality LED Grow Lights, Cannabis Homogenizers/Mixers, and Off the Grid Power Solutions. We are a manufacturing representative for several U.S. made products focused on improving the growing and processing operations in the legal cannabis industry. We represent some of the top manufacturing companies in the U.S. and work with our clients to understand their needs, assist them in selecting and selling the right equipment at a competitive price to improve their business.

Equipment We Offer

Solar LED Cannabis Grow Lights
Grow Solar Lights are the result of our work with advanced LED Lighting engineers and manufacturers to create a leading edge solar powered light specifically designed for the emerging indoor horticulture space. The technology used has received a patent for how to create ideal spectrums for multiple crop types. Our systems are purpose-built fixtures that serve cultivators in numerous markets. These advanced broad spectrum grow lights help indoor growers reduce their power consumption and increase their growth yields and profitability.

Cannabis Homogenizer MAZ Mixer
Expanding on the 10-year pioneering success the Medisca MAZ homogenizer/mixer has brought to the pharmaceutical industry,
Medisca is excited to introduce this revolutionary planetary mixer to the cannabis market.

Off Grid Power Solutions
Two of the biggest problems facing cannabis growers are the cost of energy to operate their growing facilities and the problem of power outages or access to power infrastructure. BizReps 420 has teamed up with several solar power generation companies to provide commercial grade power solutions that: 1) Reduce overall energy costs, 2) Mitigate Power Outages, and 3) Provide off the grid power for areas without access to traditional power sources.

Our Values at BizReps 420

We recognize our work is only as good as our last interaction or project. Nothing travels as fast as your reputation, so we take pride in doing the job right the first time. When we make mistakes, we want to be the first ones to own our mistakes – and make it right at the first opportunity. This has been our leading value from the beginning, and it’s what’s helped us stay in business longer than many of our competitors. Integrity still matters, no matter what.

Settling for average results is made for only average people. At BizReps 420, we know that there’s always a fresh, exciting opportunity to innovate, create, and make new in-roads for the future. With that latest tech constantly disrupting manufacturers, part of our responsibility is leading our industry with the newest ideas and inventions. No coasting allowed.

Baseball, apple pie, and “Made in America” – three iconic staples of this land that we love. We believe the U.S. of A. has an extraordinary future ahead, and we’re proud to support the hard-working men and women who make the greatest products on earth inside our shorelines. If any job, problem, or question seems too difficult or impossible overcome, ask an American – and we’ll get the job done.

We have only one planet to live on and it’s one of our greatest treasures to protect. If we’re going to create a better future for our kids and grandkids to enjoy, we need to preserve our world with care and proactive measures. That means we work with manufacturers who understand the true value of renewable energy, who are actively working to eliminate carbon waste, and who are mindful of what our work can do to the world around us. This isn’t a dollars-and-cents conversation – it’s a ‘common sense for all of us’ conversation.

When it comes to energy consumption, our cost-effective technology significantly decreases your carbon footprint, helping your organization become a Green Responsible Organization. We’re able to help you achieve this through our certified vendors’ products where we replace your old fluorescent metal-halide, high-pressure sodium, and incandescent lighting with new, green LED and award-winning solar lighting products.

Now that you know a bit about us, we’d love to learn more about you.

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